Intensive Driving Lessons

Do intensive driving lessons in Plymouth work?

Quite simply yes, traditional weekly lessons are great for many people but if you consider the DVSA own research showing the average learner takes over 47 hours of professional tuition and a further 22 hours of private practice, (click here for the DVSA site) it is easy to see why some learners take between 6 – 18 months to learn. This is not an option for many due to work commitments and learning styles and here an intensive course in Plymouth can be just what you are looking for. Short courses of 10 hours for those who have maybe failed a test or even right up to 45 hour courses can be easily arranged and the test organised for you at the end.

What course is right for me?

This is always a difficult question as we are all individuals. Probably the easiest way is to have an assessment first where the test dates, availability and the instructor can gauge how many you will need. Many large organisations use intensive lessons as their preferred method of training from the armed forces, police and many vocational driving courses are practiced this way so the evidence for intensives working clearly is proven.

Types of courses

Not all students will need the same course. Some will have already taken a number of lessons with a driving instructor or practiced driving with a family member, so a standard has already been achieved. Others will be at the very start of their learning and should look to take a longer course.

How will I be trained?

At Mark Lane Plymouth driving instructors, courses are taken on a 1 student to 1 instructor basis.
Course hours are the actual hours you will be driving on your course NOT hours shared between 2 or 3 students that is common with many driving schools for their courses.


How to choose your course?

Everyone is an individual and should take the course to suit their own needs, MARK Lane Plymouth Driving Instructors are able to give general advice in choosing of the course to suit you. And therefore will make an honest assessment against the details given. 

How to make a booking?

To secure a MARK LANE Plymouth Driving Instructor intensive course, a deposit of £240.00 must be paid in advance. All courses include a Monday to Friday standard driving test but without any accommodation costs.

With courses being booked up rapidly throughout the Year and many advanced bookings have already been purchased it is recommended that you Contact us and check availability. Call or fill in the form below if you need a particular course week.

Do I have to live in Plymouth?

Students taking Mark Lane Plymouth Driving Instructors intensive driving courses come from all over the UK, many decide to stay and look to book accommodation. Accommodation cost is NOT INCLUDED within the course cost click here for Residential Courses.

If you decide to include accommodation with your course there are 2 available types to suit budget and requirements. Both are of high standards. You will be collected daily from your accommodation by your instructor when on your course.